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Get the tools and knowledge you need to slay by building your wardrobe, style and confidence!

Style InsideHER Confidence Session

Book Your Style InsideHER Confidence Session at
Book your Confidence Session at
Book Your Style InsideHER Confidence Session at
Book your Confidence Session at

Style InsideHER Confidence Session

from 59.00

Style is about confidence, and nothing you wear is going to make you confident if it doesn't first come from within. We know that confidence is key. Everyone tells you to just "be confident" but no one really gives you the playbook on how to do it. How can you build onto something that you never had? You start. When you want something bad enough, you find a way. Whether you've lost your confidence or you never had a chance to build it, nothing will change until you decide it has to. If you are fed up of not feeling like your best self, it's time to bring HER out. It's time to stop constantly allowing people to tear you down (that includes you too.) It's time to flourish in new opportunities. It's time to start operating at your full potential to reach your goals. It's time to launch into your destiny. It's time to eliminate toxic thoughts, habits and people, and make room for the ones that are going to build you up.  Whatever insecurities are holding you back from living your best life, it's time to leave them behind. In this group coaching call, we'll break down the target areas that are hindering you, help you to gain or regain your confidence, get to the root of your insecurities, learn steps to increase your self-esteem, and strengthen your outlook to reveal the best and most confident version of of yourself.

“The Style InsideHer Confidence Session was an experience I am happy that I took part in because it definitely gave me the resources and knowledge that I need to become a better me...I was able to walk away feeling like I could do anything if I put my mind to it. I highly recommend this session to anyone whether you feel extremely confident or not. So many areas of life were touched. My perspective on confidence and life is forever changed.” — Dominique R.

Here's what you'll get:

  • A 60-Minute Group Session Coaching Call
  • The Top 6 Qualities of Confident Women Printable
  • 7 Steps to Build Confidence Guide
  • Daily Affirmations + Worksheet

Get a more in-depth and personalized session when you book a 1-on-1. Get private individual coaching to identify specific past hurts, patterns and behaviors. With your 60-Minute coaching call, you'll receive all worksheets, plus a follow-up to keep you on track.

It's time to start enjoying all the benefits that confidence brings. Click below to register for the next Style InsideHER Session.

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When will I receive my worksheets? 
All worksheets are emailed along with instructions upon booking.

How do I access the group session?
You will receive an email confirmation upon booking with a call-in number and code to access the session. Simply dial in at the start of the session, enter the access code and you're all set! 

Am I able to ask individual questions during the live group session?
Yes, individual questions are welcomed and will be answered during the group session.

How do I schedule a 1-on-1 session?
Upon booking, you will receive an email confirmation with a current list of available slots to choose from for the week.