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"It's Thrift!" Pop-Up Workshop FAQs

Find the frequently asked questions to the “It’s Thrift!” Pop-Up Workshop here!

“It’s Thrift!” Pop-Up Workshop FAQs

Q: Can men attend the workshop?

A: The workshop is geared towards women at this time, however men are welcome to attend. Sign up below to new alerts!

Q: Am I able to take my own transportation to the hands-on portion?
A: Yes! Please note that any personal travel expenses will need to be covered by you and are not reimbursed.

Q: Can I bring a someone with me?
A: As space is limited, no additional guests or children are allowed to attend the workshop.

Q: Can you hold an “It’s Thrift!” Pop-Up Workshop in my city?
A: We do have plans to travel! Sign up here to get first travel alerts! Follow me on Instagram @jeimonroe to keep an eye out for updates!

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